it’s time to write YOUR new story. WELCOME TO…
We are a brand new Dating Agency that aims to destroy the swiping culture and instead, make matchmaking mainstream.

Forget spending hours trawling through thousands of dating profiles; making fast, superficial judgements and potentially discounting people who could actually be a great match for you. Save time, effort and heartache, by allowing us to do the hard work instead.

We connect you with the right people, who are looking for the same things, at the same time as you. We match based on attraction, compatibility, psychology & personality to find you people you genuinely connect with, so things can develop from there.

This isn’t about something casual. It’s about finding you a potential life partner so that you can start writing the love story that you really want and deserve…

  • Put the romance back into dating.
  • Forget about having to ‘sell’ yourself.
  • Cut out the tedious small talk.
  • Less stress, no fear, more fun!

Our ethos is simple. We work with genuine people, with good intentions, who are 100% single and ready for something serious! We’re not asking you to get down on one knee at the first date – but we want to remove the flakey, inconsistent behaviour that leaves people feeling deflated and confused. (We’re so done with that!)

Honesty and integrity are core values for us, as it is for our members. Gone are the days of ghosting, fleabagging and all those other modern dating trends! Instead, we offer an escape to the current chaotic dating system, with a new way of meeting people. We’re changing the culture to build a far more effective & rewarding dating experience and we’d love to have you involved.

Operating Throughout The UK
We’re taking the UK by storm, on a mission to make matchmaking mainstream! We’re launching area by area, to ultimately bring Chapter One across the whole of the UK. Click here to find see where we are so far.
Working With All Ages
We work with 20’s to 60’s and everyone in between, matching you with people within your age bracket and chosen area. We all deserve to find love - no matter what stage of our life we’re at.
Supporting You Every Step Of The Way
When working with Chapter One you won’t ever feel alone! Our matchmakers are there for you, just a message away - offering support and encouragement when you need it the most.
Quality Over Quantity
This is an investment to find your LIFE-LONG partner. It’s a big deal! We’re therefore searching thoroughly to find people with real potential - with access to the hidden gems you wouldn’t find on dating apps!
More In Depth Matching
We want to get this right! We analyse profiles using psychological theories and compatibility assessments tied in with those all-important personality tests! We’ll then pitch you the potentials & choice is yours!
Getting Clear On Your Ideal Partner
Your wants are negotiable. Your needs are not. We’ll get to the core of what’s really important. WARNING: you might be surprised by a few things here! It’s going to open your mind, for sure.
Encouraged Self Growth
It’s not just about finding the right person, it’s about becoming the right person too. We encourage self-development and personal growth, to help you learn, develop and grow through the process.
Optional Dating Coaching
If there are things that are holding you back, or areas in which you can improve when it comes to finding love - we’ll help you work through this, with our optional Dating Coaching Add-On’s.

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