Without giving away all of our secrets(!) we use a combination of strategies when matching members, focusing on psychology, compatibility, wants and needs. The important thing to note however – is we do it all of this authentically, based on expert knowledge and experience.

See, technology is great. It’s easy to know what does and doesn’t work IN THEORY, then filter accordingly through softwares. But this creates discrepancy and it doesn’t take key factors into consideration. (That’s why dating apps do have success, but they also create a lot of heartache!) For this reason, we go for the more personal route…

We get to know you on a deeper level – connecting with you as one person to another. We then we use this knowledge to personally hand-pick your matches and ‘pitch’ them to you. This means that the matches we get for you are far more in line with what you’re genuinely looking for – and fully ‘qualified’ too!

To find out more about the full process, click here to read How It Works. If you’re unsure about anything, you can of course, also drop us a line here. We won’t leave any questions left unanswered!

That depends on your criteria – what exactly you’re looking for and how specific you want us to narrow down our search. For us, we want to fill your dating calendar with as many potential matches as possible. We also value your time however, so it will very much be quality over quantity.

If you join to become a free member, then book in your FREE discovery call, we can help to manage expectations by running through anticipated numbers and timeframes prior to you joining. You will always receive your first date requests within the first weeks and month however – if not days!

Just remember – we’re searching for a life-long partner for you here, the real deal, so it’s not an instant fix like you’ll find on dating apps. We certainly work in a different way to those!

No! When we pitch a profile to you, we’ll give a compatibility rating and share what makes this person such a good fit for you. There’s no obligation to accept – although we do highly recommend (as there’s nothing to lose right?) You also have control over the amount of time you invest in this person as you decide on your type of date. Let’s explore this further in Question 4.

Then the fun begins! If you decide you’d like to get to know this person, you will have a number of date options – from a simple introduction, to a phone call, right the way through to a themed virtual date. This also means that you have control over how long the date is (the power is in your hands!)

We’ll organise a time that suits the both of you and the date will begin! After this, we’ll gain feedback – not only from you, to find out what you did and didn’t like, but also from your date – so that there’s no chance of any questions left unanswered. If you both found it went well, and you want to get to know them further, we’ll then share contact details between the two of you and it’s over to you from there!

Please note: we will still continue to work on finding you new dates – until you tell us not to. Uh huh, it doesn’t stop there!

Of course not. We’re not going to make you do anything you don’t want to do. Our aim is to REDUCE the stress- not add to it. But we do want to help you grow, and we wouldn’t recommend the virtual date option if it wasn’t the best, most effective one. Audio calls are good too, but you want to actually see the other person, right? To make sure the attraction is there – to see if there’s a spark? Correct me if I’m wrong, but you’re looking for something special here – so it’s time to be bold and brave! You get out what you put in.

Also bear in mind, virtual dates are actually growing in popularity now, and with good reason. So despite them potentially being unfamiliar to you, you may be surprised to find they’re less nerve-racking than a real life date! Think about it – there’s no need to travel, no getting yourself worked up on the way, none of those questions about “what if I don’t recognise them?” or the potential humiliation if you turn up and he / she is not what you expect! Instead, virtual dates allow you to date from the comfort of your own home…

So sit back, relax and embrace it! Remember, our matchmakers are also there for you every step of the way, to help, support and encourage you. You can also add on optional Dating Coaching or Confidence Coaching if you need. But of course – if all else fails, the alternatives as mentioned are available too – simple message introductions or phone calls are also an option, so don’t let that put you off.

Absolutely! COVID won’t stop us from finding love. Because all of our dates are organised online, none of our services are affected. Any follow-up dates from there, are organised by you. We trust you to continue abiding by the latest rules and restrictions – but certainly don’t let this put you off. Remember, relationships take time to build and this doesn’t need to be done solely face-to-face.

Because we’re shaking up the industry! Our model is different to every other agency, because we’re not just focusing on the ‘elite’ with premium prices. We want to make matchmaking mainstream, and in order to do this – we have to make it more affordable. This is still financially viable for us, not because we’re not credible as our competitors (we most certainly are!) Instead, it’s because our modern methods of member acquisition are far more effective.

In a nutshell – we’re marketing geniuses, with years of experience in that area, so we can find eligible singles far faster and easier. And this my friends, is what allows us to charge less.

We want to make matchmaking accessible for all because we know how damn well it works when you are genuinely matched based on psychology, compatibility, personality and your key dealbreakers! We want to save you the time, hassle and heartache, and so don’t overcharge – adding ‘extras’ into your package in order to up our prices. Instead, we make these extras optional which reduces our base cost to you.

Most matchmaking agencies offer membership for just 6-12 months. With us, we’ve also added in 3. We need this length of time as a bare minimum however, because it’s a process. Matchmaking is unlike anything you will have experienced before.

We work with you, to determine what you want and need. After each date, we’re gaining insights, learning what does and doesn’t work, and adjusting our search accordingly. We’re on the hunt for your life-long partner here… it’s highly doubtful we’ll find that in just 30 days, and even if we do, wouldn’t you rather know for sure by still seeing what else is out there before you fully get your heart set on this one person?

Remember, before you sign up, you can join as a FREE Member to see what we’re all about whilst also figuring out what you’re looking for. From there, you can book in a Discovery Call to discuss with a trained specialist whether matchmaking is the right option for you – so we’ll always make sure you’re ready before you sign on up. There will be no doubt in your mind, I promise.

Well first off, because it’s freakin’ good value, saving you a massive £290. The monthly payment plan is also far lower, costing £125 instead of £165. You also have additional benefits – like being entitled to two ‘hold periods’ should you meet someone you want to explore things further with, decide to take a trip away, or even just want a break from dating for a little while.

Aside from this however, you are also giving yourself the best chance of this working, by allowing the longest period of time. Wouldn’t a year of dating support be worth it if it ultimately then found you exactly what you was looking for? And let’s not forget how much more affordable our agency is in general. Our prices are literally a fraction of the cost of the industry standard – especially when comparing to London prices. Typically there, you won’t get a matchmaker for less than £6,000… and that’s at a minimum. So when you look at it that way, signing up for a year with us is not such a big deal.

Depending on how specific your criteria is, matchmaking is going to take time. But remember – it’s our time you’re using, not your own. When you put into perspective the amount of time it takes to find, match, qualify and then date via apps, taking just a stab in the dark at whether they could be a good potential partner, it’s even more worthwhile to work with us… because time isn’t something you can get back.

For this reason, we recommend the 12 months package because it’s most likely to ultimately result in what you’re looking for – which is what we all want. Of course, there’s no guarantees – like all things in life – but you sure are putting the chances in your favour with this membership.

That’s what we’re aiming for! If you join us for three months membership, we still recommend you’re open to our other date requests and potentials. However you choose how much time you invest in each person and will – naturally – be drawn to those you click with the most.

If you sign up for 6 or 12 months, you also have hold periods of up to 3 months. This allows you to pause your membership to pursue a particular person. With 6 months you’re entitled to one hold period, and for 12 months, you’ve got two… Yup, we’ve got you covered on all bases here!

We work with you throughout the matchmaking process, helping to manage your expectations right from the start. It’s important that we work together on this. Remember, your wants are negotiable, your needs are not. Our mission is to help you find a love that lasts, but there are of course, no guarantees. What we can guarantee however – is that we’ll do all that we can to make that happen. Rest assured, we truly do care. We have your best interests at heart because this is so much more than just a business for us – it’s our passion. We also have T’s & C’s in place to protect both yourself and us as a business. You can read through those here.

We use it to help you find love! However, it’s all super safe and secure. We pride ourselves on maintaining the highest standards of discretion and confidentiality. Your information will only be accessible to our vetted team of matchmakers, and will only be shared with other members for the purpose of matchmaking the two of you. You will also see a copy of your personal profile before it goes out to anyone so that you’re comfortable with the information that’s being shared.

We also deeply value your privacy, which is why we have a full privacy policy in place. You can read about that here. We store your personal information in a secure system and will never share your information with third parties. When you speak to us, it stays with us – until we have your permission to pass it through to your dates and matches.

When you join as a Premium Member, our packages and payment is simple. Pick the length of time you would like your membership for (either 3, 6 or 12 months) then select to either pay in full, or pay via a payment plan. There’s no additional cost for joining with a payment plan. Instead, it will just break down the total cost into smaller, monthly payments to be paid over the period of which you have joined. This will automatically be set up for you. Just enter your bank details and the first payment will then be taken before membership begins, with the rest following on your joining date, every month following that.

If you get into a relationship or are no longer looking to receive our matches, the easiest thing to do to cancel your membership is by emailing us at hello@chapteronedating.com with the subject: Account Cancellation. Simply list the email address you signed up with and we’ll do the rest for you. Once you do this, all of your data will also then in turn be deleted, as promised in our privacy policy.

No problem at all. Please use the contact form below and we’ll be more than happy to discuss things further with you.
Hannah B&W
Trained Advisor

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