Matchmaking Vs. Dating Apps

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Let’s compare Matchmaking vs. Dating Apps, with the pro’s and con’s to each when it comes to finding love. We hope it offers some valuable insights and gives you a little more to think about – particularly if you’d never even really considered matchmaking before. Sounds good? Alright then. Let the battle commence!

Matchmaking Vs Dating Apps

The Advantages…

Let’s start with the advantages of matchmaking vs dating apps.


#1 It saves you time, effort and frustration with a dedicated matchmaker assigned to doing the ‘searching’ part for you. This is based not only on what you state you want and need in a partner, but also using psychological analysis and compatibility testing to put forward the people with real potential.

#2 Matchmaking therefore has the personal touch, with someone working with you, every step of the way. This means you also get that encouragement and support. You won’t ever feel alone when a matchmakers involved!

#3 Your matches are also far more likely to be serious about dating. This is because members are closely targeted. The sign up process to join is also far more comprehensive (acting as a F*ckboy deterrent – just what we want!) Because of this, once the two of you do also then start speaking – you’ll have far more chance of things progressing further from there, because you know you’re both already on the same page, on top of the compatibilities!

#4 You gain far more insights into a person. Not only are you able to see a two-page summary of your potential match, but your matchmaker will have also spoken to them on the phone to get down to the nitty gritty, finding out what exactly they’re all about and what they’re actually looking for! You’ll pretty much gain insider-info before the two of you have even spoken!

#5 There’s far more DATING involved! Isn’t it funny how you go onto a dating app, have all these people at your fingertips, yet for most people – not all that much dating comes out of it. Instead, there’s more conversations fizzling, message burnout, lack of commitment. By the end of it, you end up having small, meaningless conversations with a mass of people, but very few making it to the next stage. With matchmaking – it’s not like that. Instead, it’s a case of quality over quantity and fast turnaround from finding out who they are, to then having that first conversation with them (which by the way, is usually done over phone or video-call as opposed to time-consuming small talk on messages back and forth!) Click here to read more about the process and how it works.

#6 It’s more personal and actually – kind of romantic! Which is what it should be all about, right? You’ll have hand-picked, eligible bachelors / bachelorettes… ready and waiting to properly invest their time into getting to know YOU! There’s also that sense of mystery around who’s going to come through next, and of course what your first proper date will be. With us, we’ve carefully thought through the matchmaking process, with little surprises along the way, to add the EXCITEMENT back into dating!


#1 One of the biggest immediate advantages of matchmaking vs. dating apps is unsurprisingly the price. Dating apps are affordable  for all as most of them have enough free features so that you don’t even need to upgrade.

#2 Signing up is very fast and easy. You can create an account in a matter of minutes and then have a whole pool of people, right at your fingertips.

#3 Dating apps are incredibly popular. The number of people using apps is very high, so you’ll never be short of options.

#4 They’re easy to access, available from anywhere in the world. This is especially good if you are moving to a new city, a new country or are just traveling around and want to meet new people, quickly and easily.

#5 Many people find the process of swiping actually pretty fun… like a game in some ways. It’s why it can become so addictive! Just remember, these are real people behind the screens! Real people with feelings too!

The Disadvantages…

Next up, it’s the disadvantages of matchmaking vs dating apps…


#1 There is a price-tag attached to premium matchmaking. However (GOOD NEWS!), we’re making it far more affordable with lower rates and payment plans. Uh huh, it’s all part of our mission to make it mainstream! Click here to read more on that, and click here to put the price into some comparisons. After all, we are talking about finding THE LOVE OF YOUR LIFE HERE!

#2 It takes more time. When you’re used to dating apps, matchmaking does then seem like a slower process. However, it’s WORTH THE WAIT because it’s quality over quantity and – with us for example – the wait is usually far less than you think! Click here to read about how we’re doing things differently and what exactly the process is.


#1 Despite being built for effortlessness, dating apps do actually prove to be a very labour intensive and time-consuming process, involving patience, frustration, resilience and a hell of a lot of effort. Not only do you have to sort through the thousands of profiles (literally!) swiping with very limited information about a person, but you then have to have countless conversations to then try to qualify each match and see if they have what you’re looking for. There are things you can do to make this process easier and more effective, but you still have to put a lot into it – especially if you’re actually looking for “the one!”

#2 You’re also unsure of people’s intentions – are they REALLY ready for something serious, or are they just saying that to “pull” easier? Then there’s the question of actual availability. ‘FUN’ FACT: 45% of tinder users are not even single… yikes!

#3 Talking of deception, people aren’t always who they say they are either. In fact, studies show 81% of users lie about their height, age and figure! which means more often than not, you’re judging from inaccurate details anyway.

#4 When it comes to personalisation then – the only option is impersonal computer algorithms. In some cases, these criteria only consist of location, age, and gender preference. This information is truly arbitrary when you are looking for a real companion. It’s a start contrast to the process and details provided through matchmaking for instance!

#5 Apps are often used for an ego-boost as opposed to actual, serious dating, with many people – like we said – either in a relationship, having no intention of meeting, or being unwilling to put in the effort. That’s why we see a rise in these dating trends like dial-toning, ghosting, glamboozing, the list could go on and on. Click here to see the full low-down of what you have to look out for nowadays!

#6 Dating apps largely revolve around aesthetics, which can increase insecurities & body issues. Studies also show apps can lead to depression and a heightened sense of loneliness. Which is no wonder really! Because everyone is judging based on looks, it can make you become overly conscious about your appearance, striving for a personal standard that is unrealistic and unhealthy… then feeling like you’re not good enough.

#7 Talking of which, because there are now SO MANY OPTIONS, it makes people pickier. Sometimes too much choice becomes overwhelming and people are reluctant to commit with all the “what ifs” about whether there’s someone better out there. People have become so easily replaceable as a result of dating apps and as a result, it changes the way people on dating apps think, behave and act.

Matchmaking Vs. Dating Apps – Which is Better?

Well, we’ve weighed up some of the major pros and cons – now it’s time for you to decide! One thing worth thinking about however – is do you really know until you try? If you’re considering matchmaking, I want to encourage you to join us as a FREE MEMBER by clicking that direct link.

There’s no risk, no cost, nothing to lose – but it will introduce you nicely to the agency and mean that we can then contact you with suitable date requests, so that you can… test the waters when it comes to this new concept. Thinking about just diving straight in? Awesome! Then book in a Free Discovery Call to speak to an advisor – here, we can answer any final questions you may have. Click here to book.

Do you have to choose just one or the other? We don’t think so. It’s just good to know that if you are tired of dating apps and find that they’re not really working for you – there are other options. Options that are actually now feasible. [Click here to read how we’re making matchmaking affordable and mainstream.]

Hope this has helped to make things a little clearer in the meantime.

All the best,

— Chapter One —

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